Writing Copy

Effective Copy

As much as we'd like to think voters will read every word of our brochures, they don't. Some will, but they are the exception. Voters will look at photos and headlines, so make those great. Headlines should be short, bold and to the point. They should really capture your message and sum up the campaign in just a few words. While you can expand your headlines using some text, remember that few will read anything more than bullet points. Heavy text appears too daunting to a casual voter and they will not read it. It is important to efficiently and effectively portray your message while catching the audience's attention.

Use Your Template as Your Guide

Use your template as your guide to the general content and quantity of copy you'll need for each page of your design. For example, does your cover require a main headline and/or Slogan? Write it, referring to our section on message development for guidance. Does your template further include a candidate statement, a short bio, long bio, and/or several blocks of copy or bullet points detailing your experience and/or agenda? Write them, and try to stick to that rough amount of copy so it all fits.