The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is all too true when it comes to political mail, and a good photograph on your mail piece can go a long way. That is why you need high resolution, colorful images. It is important that your photographs speak to the message of the campaign and convey characteristics that are important to you. A good photograph does not take away from the core message but rather enhances it.

Image Specifications

Please provide high-quality color images (300 dpi) color images in either .jpg, .tif or .pdf formats. Images provided should be as close to their final printed size as possible. For example, a full-sized color image that will be used on the cover of your mailer should be as close to 8.5" x 11" (2550 x 3300 pixes) as possible, although our experience has shown that images that are at least 50% of finished size at 300 dpi will usually yield satisfactory results.

A good quality digital photo is one:
  1. Taken with a good quality digital camera (good optics and digital sensor)
  2. Not enlarged either in post-processing or by in-camera digital zoom
  3. Properly shot (good lighting, no blur)
  4. Shot within the camera's ideal ISO range (usually a low ISO such as ISO 100)
  5. Stored in either a lossless format (e.g. PNG, TIF) or a very low compressed JPEG (highest camera JPEG quality setting).
Types of shots you'll need:
  1. Formal and business casual candidate portraits (headshot, head and shoulders, full body)
  2. Image of you "in action," talking to voters, at work etc. These can be general or topical. For example, if you're running for schoolboard, pics of you with teachers and students in a classroom or schoolyard are great. Make sure you have permission.)
  3. Family portraits, current, historical, if relevant to your message Upload your own (jpg, tif, eps, 300 dpi, minimum 2" x 1.3", 600 pixels x 400 pixels)

Use Your Template As Your Guide

Use your template as your guide to the type, number and approximate size of the images you will need to complete your design. And don't worry - if you don't have enough hiqh quality images to complete the design, our artists will supplement with appropriate, royalty free stock images, or resize the images you've provided to fit the space.