Message Development

Your Message

Your message is critically important. It is the core of the campaign and the reason voters will choose you on election day. Developing a simple and memorable message requires answering these three fundamental questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I running?
  • What will I do if elected?

Your Personal Story

As you think about these questions, remember to tell your story in a personal way using anecdotes, inspirations, even challenges you’ve faced in your life and how you have worked to overcome those. When developing your message it is important to be authentic. When talking about who you are, make sure to identify characteristics that define you and people who might have inspired you to run for office. You will also need to articulate your plan, issues of concern and vision for once you get elected into office.

A message must be simple and repeated constantly to be remembered. Better to say one thing ten times than ten things once.

Your Slogan

Once you've developed your message, you'll want to sum it up in tight, easy to remember slogan. This is your tagline, your brand statement, your point of difference, and a great political slogan will answer the following question in 10 words or less (often far less): Why are you the BEST CHOICE for the office you are seeking? Or, looking at it another way, what unique VALUE do you provide voters, that the other candidates can't or won't?