General FAQ

Design and Copywriting

How can VoterPros help me win?

We can help you spend your money wisely, insure that your direct mail looks good, and it reaches the right voters. You'd be surprised how many campaigns don't do those simple things particularly well. We've helped thousands of candidates and campaigns win races from school board to presidential for over 5 decades. Now, our collective expertise is available to candidates at all levels.

We can accommodate small and large budgets. Even first-time candidates in down-ballot races can use sophisticated techniques and have access to quality design. Until now, that was only available to candidates who could afford to hire political consultants and other experts.

How do you target voters?

We've created a site that allows you to identify your likely voters. We start with a list of all registered voters in the district or area for your particular race. Of course, you want to send mail only to those who are able to vote in the election. But if you did only that, you'd still be wasting a lot of money.

So, we identify those who have a propensity to vote. Then, we add some information about the dynamics of the race that you share with us. Using this data, we suggest which voters would be the best targets for you. This will allow you to send your mail to voters who are likely to support you -- saving you money and increasing your chances of winning.

How big a race or budget do I need?

That depends on the race and on you. Some candidates can effectively raise money from a network of friends and supporters, or have personal wealth. Others can't and don't. We accommodate all size campaigns and budgets from small, local races to large, statewide ones.

You figure out your budget. We can help you with the tools we offer on the site. Then, we give you award-winning designs for brochures and help you target them the most likely voters, so you don't waste resources. We can save you time and money with expert guidance.

Who writes the content?

Content should be written by the person who knows that candidate best -- you. We'll give you some tips and advice based on what we've learned from producing award-winning brochures and copy. Together, we're a powerful combination.

How competitive is your pricing?

We're competitive and may even be your lowest cost option if you consider the time and effort you and your campaign would need to spend to engage designers, printers, and mail houses. Plus, we don't think you can get the design or expert targeting without hiring top-notch talent which can be expensive. We have national network of fast, on-demand printers and mail house. We print and deliver for you. It's seamless and easy for the candidate and campaign.

Do I own the design?

Designs completed with VoterPros templates remain the property of VoterPros. But the brochure, your unique images and copy -- and, of course, your victory -- is all yours.

How I know the order is in process or the mail has been delivered?

You can log into your account to keep track of the progress of each product until final delivery.

Everyone who's working on your brochure is a real pro who has real-world political experience and understands the importance of deadlines so your mail arrives when it's suppose to, not after the election. That happens, particularly to campaigns that work with people unaccustomed to an unforgiving political calendar. If you work with us, it's easy and you don't have to worry your mail. You just focus on the voters and winning.