About Us

Who We Are

VoterPros was created by a team of top political consultants and technology experts led by John Shallman, Jude Barry, Morty Shallman, Chris Weiss, and Michael Marubio. Their goal: to help candidates at all levels of government win elections at the ballot box by winning the mailbox.

The VoterPros team has worked on thousands of elections from local school board races to presidential campaigns. They've also developed a variety of technology solutions for Fortune 100 companies and cutting-edge technology start-ups.

VoterPros is Your One-Stop Solution for Political Direct Mail

Direct Mail is one of the most effective forms of political advertising, but most candidates simply can't afford to hire a professional mail consultant. VoterPros attempts to bridge this gap by providing candidates at all levels of government a suite of professional, online tools to win their elections like the pros, with targeted direct mail.

Voter Targeting

VoterPros provides you a state-of-the-art voter targeting platform that allows you to build a mailing list of exactly the right list of voters you want to communicate with. The number of voters you target will determine your print quantity, and provide the basis for the cost to print mailer and deliver your mailer to voters.

Mailer Design

VoterPros provides you hundreds of proven award winning designs to use as a basis for your mailer. You simply choose a design, upload your unique content, and work with our designers to create a powerful and effective finished design.

Delivery to Voters

After you've targeted your audience, designed your mailer, and paid for your mailing and postage, VoterPros supervises the delivery of your materials to the USPS, ensuring that your message is delivered to voters' mailboxes for much less than the cost of standard mail.